Matthew Campbell-Ellis
MCounselling  BA(Hons)  BRegResMgmt  BA(VA)  

Counsellor, Regional Scientist and Nature-based Educator

  Forster, NSW 2430    0447 070 286      ABN: 6303 750 2401


I am a counsellor that specialises in person-centred family and relationship counselling and I have worked as a regional scientist, nature-based educator and mentor.

I have been recognised as an emerging leader in the fields of innovation, resource management and public policy. I have worked as a consultant to government and non-government organisations and have advised elected officials and political parties on resource management decisions and public policy. After many years as a natural resources management and public policy consultant I made a shift to person-centred care work after working with primary school kids in Northwest Tasmania.

I am fortunate to have received numerous honors and awards, including the W.A. Townsley Honours Prize for best results in Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in public policy and the William Fletcher Trust Award, as well as a 'Local Hero' LandCare Award.

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Published Work and Other Articles

Adaptive Regions, Deliberative Power Spaces and the Sustainable Development Platform Method

(Conference paper presented at the 35th Annual Conference of the Australia New Zealand Regional Science Association International, Canberra, 2011)

Sustainable Development Platform Methods for Constructing Innovation and Managing Common Pool Resources

(Conference paper presented at the 34th Annual Conference of the Australia New Zealand Regional Science Association International, Melbourne, 2010)

Overlap in Resource Use Between Commercial and Recreational Rock Lobster Fishers

(poster presented to the Australian National Network in Marine Sciences (ANNiMS) 2nd Conference, Townsville, 2010) 

Rice Grass and Sea Spurge Community-based Control Strategy, Smithton Area, Northwest Tasmania

Tasmania's Tarkine, Community Involvement, and the Sustainable Development Platform Method

(paper presented at the Tarkine Tourism and Heritage Forum, 26-27th Nov 2009, Tall Timbers, Smithton)

The Sustainable Development Platform Method: An Outline

Policy Design for Common Pool Resources Management: Sustainable Development Platform Methods in the Fleurieu Group of Islands, Tasmania

A Review of Community Involvement in the Management of the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area

H2O20: Sustainably Managing Australia's Water

Learning-based Horizontal Governance and Direct Engagement to Increase Participation in Non-Government Organisations: A case study

Deliberative Democracy in NRM (Waves article)

A multi-sector approach to developing sustainable competitive advantage in the Tarkine

Relations of tree presence and topography to soil moisture levels across a montane valley, Bronte Park, Tasmania

The National Water Initiative and regional development in Tasmania

Extent of Euphorbia paralias in identified Neophema chrysogaster feeding grounds in the APCA

General Interests

Counselling and Nature-based Education 

Human-ecosystem relationships   -  Innovation and constructed advantage   -  Social Reference Points

Sustainable Development Platforms  -  Phrenological research   -  Cultural heritage

Visual arts   -   Wildlife   -   Wild places   -   Public policy   -   Deliberative democracy   -   Common Pool Resources